Open Mic

The Sunset Lounge in an Open Mic event. That means you. Yes, you. We are for musicians, professionals and amateurs alike. Come and play some sweet tunes for us, and if that were not reason enough, all players get a free drink.

Just turn up with your music. You can borrow our guitar if you don’t have one. Announce yourself to one of the team (we congregate on the bench next to the bar) and we’ll work you into the running order.

Now just claim your free beverage, sit back and relax. Enjoy the atmosphere and support your fellow players.

Please tune and check your instruments and make sure everything works before your play. When its your turn to play, we’ll call you up and our host will introduce you. Get on stage on bring the thunder!

We try to give everyone 3 songs. It can get quite busy so please, no big medleys or long-winded stories about how you were feeling when you wrote the song.

We are not a karaoke bar. We will accept pre-recorded backing in exceptional cases but we do prefer live performances. We can usually find a musician willing to play for you – just ask.

You may get more (or less) time on stage depending on the number of acts wanting to play. If you go overtime, we might shoot, cut or burn you (or just turn the PA down… Whichever we’re in the mood for).

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!
See you soon…
The Sunset Lounge Team.

Nudity optional. (Actually don’t.)